Trilly tutti brilli

trilly tutti brilli

Claudia Gasperin


The brand was born from the love for small dogs at the same time as the passion for fashion and precious objects

With the intention of creating a line of exclusive clothing and accessories, entirely made in Italy. The company has a single site where the administrative part and the production part coexist.
It is here, in fact, that skilled artisans tailor the clothing and accessories by hand, making every single item unique and of superior quality. The aspects to which we pay the most attention are the quality of the materials and the comfort, both essential elements in order to obtain a good product.
After the scrupulous choice of fabrics and trendy materials of the season, we select the best ideas and transform them into elegant garments, for special occasions, and practical ones, for everyday life. Trilly tutti Brilli offers two collections during the year, as happens for men’s / women’s clothing: spring / summer, colorful and witty, and autumn / winter, warm and comfortable.
They are the result of careful research that follows the colors and fashion trends in order to satisfy the demands of the market in the best possible way. Not only clothing, but also accessories are packaged with special attention to the use of raw materials. In fact, all collars, harnesses and leashes are reinforced and assembled with highly resistant materials. Finally, our products differ in the use of top quality crystal applications Made in Austria that embellish both the clothing and the leash, making them unique and refined.